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Hello there ! ✨

My name is Sara Faber - I am an independent artist & illustrator working and living in Berlin. I create illustrations and products based all around the topics of a happy healthy lifestyle, plants and food - which I am most passionate about. I am running an online shop where I sell prints, stickers and accessories. I also film videos about my work on Youtube. Recently I started a Patreon page too, where I share art tutorials, access to all of my sketches, send out monthly goodie bags and write newsletters and blog posts! If I am not drawing, I am probably spending time with my dog Cooper, cook delicious food, do yoga or play video games.  

Sweet beginnings ... 

I always loved drawing. I can not remember a time where I wasn't enjoying it. Growing up it just never came to my mind that I can possibly make it my job. So I studied business communications and worked as a UX Designer and later as a product designer in a company. I really missed drawing so in 2016 I started an Instagram account to get back in the habit of drawing regularly and sharing it with the world seemed like a pretty cool thing to do. This is basically where it all started. I saw other artists making a living with their passion, building a community around art and running their own online shops. I realised this is what I wanted to do, too! So I spent every free minute I had working towards that dream and I learned a lot on my little journey. In the beginning of 2018 I quit my job and became a full time artist & illustrator running my own illustration business - and have been ever since. 💛

If you want to send me something, feel free to send it to my PO Box:

Sara Faber 
P.O. Box 4 04 12
10062 Berlin

Thanks for reading! 

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Sara 🌼